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Hey there 👋🏾 I'm Akia and this is my travel & lifestyle blog, Stop Waiting 4 Friday! I live a life of adventure or insanity depending on who you ask! 2 years ago I quit the 9-5 lifestyle, packed up my life in one suitcase, bought a one way ticket, and moved almost 10,000 miles away from the US to live a dream life abroad! I have started life over many times and I'm unapologetic about it! My goal is to inspire, share, and help others who feel the fire that I felt to make drastic changes in their life and Stop Waiting 4 Friday, for summer, for approval from others, for love, and all of the other things that keep us from living the life that we desire! This is your sign to stop waiting and start living!


Through a series of content creation and travel experiences I invite you to explore with me. 


Here's to failure, love, trauma, traveling the world, and growth. Here’s to not waiting for Friday to live your life! Get in! We're going on a crazy ride called life! Been there before?

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The NO BS version of my life experiences, tips, and hacks! Find out how I afforded to travel for one year, tips to consider before quitting your 9-5, how I prepared to travel the world, and so much more! 



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