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We live as if there are countless days ahead. We fail to seize the moment and grab the opportunities to enjoy life to the fullest — do the things that make our hearts smile, dance like no one is watching, or express how we really feel. It always seems that we will be able to do that ‘later’, when the only thing we have is now. There is so much power in this moment.

Stop Waiting 4 Friday is a lifestyle brand that aims to inspire, motivate, and help others live a bold, balanced, and present life. Through a series of content creation and products our mission is to inspire others to stop waiting and start living. Stop Waiting 4 Friday is curated by Akia Merritt, a gypsie at heart who lives a life of adventure or insanity depending on who you ask! She’s started life over many times and she is unapologetic about it! Here's to failure, traveling the world, love, trauma, and growth. Here’s to not waiting for Friday to live your life!


Get in! We're going on a crazy ride called life!


Been there before?


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