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Checklist For Traveling The World (for beginners)

Planning to travel the world wasn’t as hard as it’s talked up to be! I have never been much of a planner anyway, I’d rather figure things out as I go and learn from experience, BUT there are some things that definitely need to be taken into consideration before you ditch your current country to explore a new one! Here's the checklist I used to prepare me to travel the world.

This checklist has equipped me with the things I needed to be fortunate enough to keep up my travels for 7 months now! For all of the little details about the things on this checklist, that sometimes we need a little guidance with, especially for such a HUGE move, like how I found remote work, proper research tools, how to connect with the people, what documents you should prepare, how to mentally prepare for such a huge change, and any other details schedule a call with me! Together we'll go step by step so you're a few steps closer to traveling the world! WOW, That's BIG!

Need help? Schedule a call with me! I'll tell you everything I know!

Want to hear the uncensored version of how I prepared to travel the world and my personal story time?

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