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How To Get Your Passport ASAP

This is a hack that you NEED to know, whether you are having an emergency and need an express passport or you don’t have the time to wait weeks out to receive your passport plus it’s quick and easy!

Passports can be such drama. Making sure you check off all of the requirements, applying, and then the most time consuming part, the waiting which can take anywhere from a series of weeks to months. Even for expedited services for non-urgent travel processing times fluctuate throughout the year.

But what if I told you I’ve never had to wait to receive my passport. I received both of my passports the exact same day I handed in my application.

In 2016 I planned a trip to Canada by bus from New York City. I managed to book my accommodation, create and itinerary, but missed one very important detail. I needed a passport! It didn’t even cross my mind until the day I was scheduled to leave. Opps!

I was able to secure an appointment at the passport agency and receive my first passport in just a few hours, still able to make my first solo trip abroad.

I really put my passport to use, traveling 19 countries, some two or three times since it had been issued. I’d gotten a 28 page passport and I noticed that I was very short on pages for stamps, especially since some countries require a few empty pages for entry. So I decided just a few days before my flight to country number 20 that I would try my luck at securing a 52 page passport. On the day of my flight to Sri Lanka, I had my appointment to apply and receive my brand new passport!

Know What You Need

Know which passport service you are applying for prior to taking any further action. Are you applying for a new passport or renewing a passport? Each one requires different protocols and application forms. You’ll save yourself some time by knowing this before hand and getting a start on the documents you’ll need before visiting the passport agency, such as the application form, personal documents, passport photos, and the payment.

Have A Booking

Before you consider scheduling an appointment for an urgent passport make sure that you have proof of immediate international travel within two weeks. This can be a hotel or a flight to any international country. Without this booking you cannot be considered for an urgent passport. You will need to share your booking confirmation with the representative, both on the phone and at the passport agency.

Schedule An Appointment

Once you have your booking you’re ready to call and schedule your appointment. Appointments can be made 2 weeks ahead but keep in mind that your passport can only be issued with 72 hours of travel time. Setting up the appointment will take you less than 10 minutes, especially if you completed the first tip I shared. Dial +1 (877) 487-2778 and follow the prompts to be connected to a representative. The representative will ask you a few questions like when is your travel date, your international booking confirmation, and your address to help locate the nearest and available passport agency.

How Much Does It Cost?

Passport fees vary depending on what service you are applying for. I recommend checking out this Passport Fee chart. For your reference, my latest passport book cost me $190 USD.

A FREE Hack You Shouldn’t Forget About

Here’s an easy and free hack that you absolutely should take advantage of when applying for a passport. A standard passport book contains 28 pages, but on your application make sure you check the box for a 52 page book instead. It’s free and allows you to be able to travel more frequently without fear of running out of pages.

Did you know that approximately 80% of Americans do not even own a passport? The United States is ranked 6 in the top most powerful passports in the world, allowing US citizens to travel visa free to 186 countries and many don’t take advantage.

The best decision I’ve ever made was getting my passport. It has allowed me to not only see some of the most beautiful places in the world, but also to change my perspective on how I view the world.

This is the sign you needed to get your passport now!

For more information on obtaining a United States passport click here.



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