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Travel Day Bag MUST HAVES - Tropical Climate Edition 🌴

Do yourself a favor! Don't ever do a day trip without packing these items!

I have chosen cute over comfy many times. You know that feeling right before you are heading for the door to leave your house and think of something that you may or may not need? Maybe it’s too heavy, doesn’t go with your look, or you don’t have time to think much into it so you leave it behind. Too many times I’ve made the mistake of leaving MUST HAVE items behind for day trips. This blog is going to save your life when it comes to must have items that you should pack in your travel day bag - Tropical Climate Edition!

Must Have #1 - Identification/Wallet

I did say a lot of these recommended from my not so pleasant experiences right? Imagine being detained in a foreign country for 6 hours because you don’t have the hard copy of your passport. Oppss, my bad! After months of traveling around without it, for fear of losing it and letting my visa agents hold on to it, I just wasn’t expecting that. So yeah, you’ll need that plus your wallet for money because unfortunately life isn’t free! .

Keep these items somewhere safe. We all know what happens if you lose or misplace them and that's not on the itinerary!

Must Have #2 - Raincoat

I did say Tropical climates ehh? Well depending on what season you are visiting in you may experience rainfall often and it can be unpredictable. Indonesia’s November to March, Tanzania’s “masika” mid-March to May, and a shorter period of rain called “vuli” November to mid-January, and Mexico’s May to September call for daily on and off rain. This is actually a bit more pleasant than you’d think, especially in 80+ degree weather. To avoid being drenched, uncomfortable, sticky, and heavy wet clothes, always carry your raincoat.

Must Have #3 - Sunscreen

I didn’t know how much I needed sunscreen until 7 months in Bali. And now in Sri Lanka I am just finding out that the country is just one short of being in the list for Top 20 hottest countries in the world. Protect your skin!

Must Have #4 - Bug Repellent

Always check the mosquito status in the country you are traveling to before traveling. Mosquito status? I know, sounds weird, but some countries suggest prescriptions against mosquito caused diseases like Malaria and Dengue and for others mosquito repellent is enough. Personally I opt out of prescription medication and a little .. okay I’m kidding, ALOT of mosquito repellent always saves the day. Make sure you carry it with you at all times because you just never know. Sometimes your hotel room may even be a hot spot for these blood sucking busy bodies!

Must Have #5 - Bluetooth Headphones

Not only useful for bumping your fav music while you’re out adventuring, but also for navigating the roads. For my adventurous crew who’d rather rent a scooter or car and explore without local transportation, these headphones over AirPods anyday! Why? Because they don’t fall out or off when wearing your helmet and save you from constantly checking your phone for directions.

Must Have #6 - Sunglasses

One word, bugs! I know you’re wondering what do sunglasses have to do with bugs, but hear me out! While sunglasses are great for all of the beautiful sunny days you’ll have on your tropical excursion, they also keep bugs and other critters from flying around your eyes. I can’t tell you how many times I have been walking or driving on a tropical island, especially during the night and bugs have filled the air. I bet no one has ever told ya that!

Must Have #7 - Swimwear

Are you on a tropical island or what? Adventuring and stumbling across a beautiful location for a nice swim and not having your swimwear kind of sucks .. ALOT. Off record I would say take your chances skinny dipping, although unless you’re in Europe this may not work out too well, as nudity is not so popular in a lot of conservative countries. Best to always pack some swimwear even if you’re unsure. May your days be filled with bikinis .. or swim trunks!

Must Have #8 - Bluetooth Speaker

If you love to create yourself a good vibe like me and find yourself a nice spot to jam out to your favorite music, keep a Bluetooth speaker on deck. I’m a sunset lover so nothing beats watching the sunset and hearing “Sunset Lover”. What a coincidence, took a 2 hour drive to a beach club in Sri Lanka today that had no music! Thank God I have my own bluetooth speaker!

Must Have #9 - Laptop

Calling all digital nomads 🗣 Working from your laptop? Well you can’t just leave behind what pays the bills. Even when you think you may not need your laptop keep it handy (if you can) just in case something pops up. It’s the worst feeling when something unexpected for work comes up and you can’t do anything about it. Wheww, lesson learned.

Must Have #10 - Charging Equipment

Honestly I’m quit exhausted with all of this charger stuff, but hey we are in a tech world and this is the way. Double and triple check that you have all of your charging devices daily, especially for your cell phone. You’ll need to stay powered up to find directions and stay connected. If you can, add a portable charger to your day bag as well. Honesty hour, on the list under MUST HAVE 8 I wrote about how prepared I was to pack my bluetooth speaker today. Well it ran out of battery and guess what? Yep, I left the charger home! Well that sucked!

Must Have #11 - Camera

You can’t say you did it if no one saw it! Actually you can and I envy people that don’t document their travels in a way, but I would much rather look over all of my dope experiences 20 years from now, which kind of requires a camera. I carry my GoPro action camera with me because I’m always up to something crazy, but just about any camera that you feel comfortable with is okay to capture all of those memories that you’ll be making.

Must Have #12 - Book

Long rides, beach days, a break in between work, at the top of the mountain; a good book always comes in handy.

Must Have #13 - Tripod

Okay solo travelers, this one’s for you! Ever wonder how all of these solo travelers create content for themselves? Well take a look at my last few reels, all shot by muahhh! Carrying my tripod around has really helped so much with my solo travel and content creator journey. I never leave home with it!

That concludes my MUST HAVE travel day bag list. Other items you should consider packing for my ladies in the house or blog, are female sanitary items and body shimmer duhhh!

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